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Opened: January 25, 2003
Updated: April 11, 2003


Okay, well, things obviously didn't go as planned because the review for "Endgame" has not put posted yet. I will do my best to put it up before "Phase One" re-airs on Sunday night. Just to let you know, we will be putting up a schedule of episodes, as well as when members of the cast will be on television or in magazines or what not. Anyway, in other site news, we have put up a poll! You have 10 choices, and you vote for your fave Alias cast regular.
NOTE: We are still working on some of the pages (spoilers, F.A.Q., etc.), and we have decided that instead of making new pages for biographies of the Alias stars, like we did at our old URL, we are going to create a whole new site dedicated to news of each member of the cast. So we're going to be very busy working on this site, our Alias wallpaper site, and the Alias stars site. We thank you for your patience and understanding!


Current Episode: "Endgame"

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